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A Motivational Weekly Routine, Beginning to a successful life.

Maurlanna's Money Monday. At the end of the day, cashing in at the bank is the motive towards your goals. Here are ways to stay positive and focus throughout the week. Maurlanna's Terrific Tuesday. Make you day terrific! Speak positivity to the people around you. Be helpful to someone, kindness to others go a long way. Maurlanna's Wealthy Wednesday. Think in a Wealthy manor. Build ideas that will lead to wealth. Think Assets, not liabilities. Allow your money to work for you. For example, ask yourself what can I purchase that can generate more income. Maurlanna's Thriving Thursday. By Thursday Exhaustion. You've worked so hard to get through the week. have strength and Thrive though it. Maurlanna's Finally Friday. you've made...

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